Brazil Segmentation

Brazil Segmentation is a set of complementary products that provide a more assertive view of your clients and the Brazilian population.

Presumed Income

Maximize your strategies, getting to know the economic resources of your target audience beforehand.

  • Measure the economic power of your clients and prospects
  • Develop products for your target audience
  • Identify your clients’ potential income commitment, adjusting their offers
  • Enhance your clients’ data with that information
  • Win back previous and inactive customers, establishing new relationship patterns

The presumed personal income is fundamental in the relationship with the customers and for planning every step of the business cycle — prospecting, activating, billing and regaining — and it can be calculated for prospects or clients, either active or inactive, old or new.

The presumed income is readjusted in the second semester of each year and monthly monitored through governmental and sectoral statistics.

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